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Address inconsistencies and red flags
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Address inconsistencies and red flags

Think about the last time you ignored a red flag or a feeling in your gut that something was just not right during an interview. I believe that most recruiters are very intuitive and this is something that you have to really pay attention to and if you feel something is not right, you have to address those issues and dig a little deeper. I know it's easier to have selective hearing when an obvious red flag is mentioned, but it will probably prevent you from placing this person in a job. You can't afford to ignore red flags on a resume or during an interview.

And the reason is, your reputation is on the back of every single candidate you represent. Now let's discuss red flags on a resume. The resume could be confusing or filled with errors. There is no excuse for any errors on a resume and all that shows us is an obvious lack of attention to detail. If you see short durations of employment, it's understandable that candidates may be out of work through no fault of their own. However, when you see your candidate has held.