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Twitter ad types
« on: April 19, 2017, 12:59:01 AM »
Twitter ad types

- So what types of Twitter ads do you run for your business and why? Let's get you really clear on which ads will be perfect for your business. There are three types of campaigns on Twitter. The first is called Promoted Trends. Taking a look at the Topsy Turvy Cake Design Twitter timeline, we see that with promoted trends, brands buy placement at the top of the trending topic section right here. So as you can see, we have some promoted and organic trends which show up as a most discussed topics on Twitter at any given time. Why use promoted trends? Well they help advertisers kickstart conversation about their brands, and they work great to complement product launches and events to increase conversation about the brand.

The second type of campaign on Twitter is Promoted Accounts. This is where brands pay to gain followers on Twitter by buying their way into the suggestion box. Promoted accounts can show up in a couple places such as the top of the Who to follow box as you see here on the right hand side. So why promote your Twitter account? It's a great way to quickly build your base of followers. More followers spells social proof for your brand, and in the case of Topsy Turvy, it would certainly be advisable to run this type of campaign. The third type of campaign you can run is Promoted Tweets.

Promoted Tweets are tweets that you paid to show up for specific users you have targeted. They can show up just like regular tweets or just appear for the users you target in your ad campaign. Let's see if we can find some promoted tweets in action. Currently, none are showing up on the Home timeline for Topsy Turvy Cake Design. So I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna search for cake recipe. Here are some of the tweets from brands that have paid for the type of placement. Here you can see, Luvo showed up, and we know that they paid for it because it is promoted.

So why would you want to promote your tweets? Well with promoted tweets, you ensure that your content shows up for the users you want to get in front of, and in the case of Topsy Turvy Cakes, say Audrey the owner, wishes to drive more awareness around her custom cakes, she could create a promoted tweet that displays her portfolio and would target people who are interested in custom cakes. Now that you are familiar with the three main types of Twitter ads, start thinking about a campaign you want to run using one of the types we discussed.

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