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iOS 10: iPhone and iPad Essential Training
« on: April 18, 2017, 12:12:02 PM »
iOS 10: iPhone and iPad Essential Training

Hello, and welcome to this course on using iOS 10 on your iPhone and iPad. I'm Garrick Chow. We're gonna take a detailed look at all the most important features of this state-of-the-art operating system, and the incredibly useful devices on which it runs. We'll start off by exploring the basic knowledge and skills you'll need to use your device effectively and efficiently, like the various gestures you'll use to control the operating system and apps, how to use the 3-D touch feature, and how to find and install third party apps to extend the functionality of your device. We'll cover the most important and frequently used applications in depth, from checking your email with Mail, to browsing the web with Safari, to enjoying music and videos, and, of course, using the incredibly robust phone features of the iPhone.

We'll see the multi-tasking features that are available on the iPad that all you to work with two apps simultaneously with split screen, and to watch a video while performing other tasks with the picture-in-picture video. I'll demonstrate the new and improved Siri, which lets you control your phone by voice to check your texts and email messages, find a local restaurant, and, new to iOS 10, how to control and use third party apps with just your voice. And, we'll wrap it up with an in depth look at important preferences and settings, as well as tips for troubleshooting your device when necessary.

Upgrading to iOS 10? Buying your first iPhone or iPad? Get the most out of iOS 10, Apple's latest mobile operating system. Garrick Chow demos everything you need to know about iOS 10, from essential tasks to the latest updates to Siri and Maps.

New iPhone and iPad owners should start with the basics. Garrick shows how to use the touch screen and keyboard and start communicating with Siri, Apple's new and improved digital assistant. Then learn about making and receiving calls, emailing, browsing the web with Safari, getting directions from Maps, taking notes, shooting photos, watching videos, and listening to music. Plus, discover how to extend the functionality of your iPhone or iPad by installing one of the 2 million+ apps available in the App Store. The course wraps up with some essential tips to help you customize your device, protect your privacy, and troubleshoot your iPhone or iPad if you encounter a problem. Long-time iOS users can jump straight to videos on the iOS 10 updates to Music, Messages, and Photos; predictive text; and the new "raise to wake" feature for alarms.

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