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Optimize engagement with fans and followers
« on: April 18, 2017, 12:04:00 PM »
Optimize engagement with fans and followers

- So guess what, one of the consequences of feeding the content monster and perfecting your posts and optimizing your posts is that you're gonna get comments, you're gonna get reactions, so this section is about how to optimize this engagement with your fans and followers, and trolls honestly. So recommendation number one, you should always search for @ mentions, @ mentions of your name, your company, even your product, just you know set it up in TweetDeck, set it up in your other services, always look for these @ mentions, always be trying to find out what people are saying and swoop in and answer, swoop in and provide assistance.

Generally speaking I think you should always be positive and don't get me wrong, this is one of those things where you know, do as I'm telling you, don't necessarily do as I sometimes do because I have to admit sometimes I slip into that cesspool of being negative but generally speaking you should always be positive or you should be silent. There's not a lot of upside with becoming very negative on social media because it may be perfectly justified, it may be even reasonable but there's going to be a lot of people who only see your reaction, they're not going to see what you reacted to and so though you may be justified they will never know it so just avoid the problem.

My next recommendation is sort of related to this, is when someone's picking a fight with you, when trolls are attacking you and someone's expressing this you know anti-opinion, of course this is going to happen because I told you in the last session to be bold, then I want you to embrace what I call the amateur boxing rule of social media. So in amateur boxing you go three rounds. That's it, there's no 15 rounders in amateur boxing and I suggest the same practice in social media.

So you make a post, someone posts a comment, Round One. Round Two, you respond. Round Three, the person responds to your response. Ding! End of fight. I think that if people just keep on going round after round, 16 rounds later you're still duking it out, trying to convince each other of who's right and who's wrong, it looks very foolish. Most people aren't going to follow the whole thread, most people won't understand the context of what you're doing, so just go three rounds and then at the end of three rounds if you truly cannot agree on anything then just post a message that says you know, "Let's just agree to disagree," and just get on with life.

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